As it sounds like it would be tricky to get everyone in one place for a shoot  - I propose we do environmental portraits of the key subjects on location, wherever we could get them.  With a simple portable strobe set-up, I can be flexible and move quickly.  We could roughly outline where and when over a couple days, and get in as many people as we could.  And if we wanted to do proper gallery portraits, it would be easy enough just to bring in a roll of paper to shoot against.  

A few examples of some on-the-fly on location portraits and gallery stuff (both with strobes)  - and also just with natural light - which is my favourite - but not always the most reliable...   

* If we wanted to do a group composite, it would be easy enough to shoot our characters against a common background - like the side of an ambulance, or the ambulance bay doors - which could then be edited and stitched together to make an interesting group portrait:

BC_Ambulance stitch.jpg