Jeremy -  Here's what I've got for story ideas.   As far as format, I'm pretty open.  I can shoot and write and edit - but if it made $ense, I'd also love to collaborate with an editor/visual artist doing some cooler, more edgy technical stuff.   For the most part, I could produce them pretty quick, so maybe it could be a whole series on 'transformation'...   Thanks, Jeremy.   Look forward to your thoughts.    - Jeff



As part of a UBC research project, I'm currently working with a group of men who have just been released from 'life' in prison.  These guys did some bad things when they were young, but now they're old men trying hard to adjust to life outside.  As part of their reintegration into society they have been taking a bee-keeping course at a farm out in Mission.  They've got some pretty interesting perspectives on life and lessons they've learned - and juxtaposing that with beekeeping makes for a pretty interesting and powerful story of self re-invention.  Great faces, dramatic stories, murderers, bees...    


Wilfred lives in my building. He's an amazing carver. He's also an Elvis impersonator.  Like many First Nations men, he's had a pretty tough upbringing (residential school, abuse, etc.) - so there are some good themes here: identity, transformation, masks, re-invention.  Some heavy stuff made way more palatable with some Elvis.  Also, a good twist on the current cultural appropriation debate...


I do a lot of street photography here in Vancouver, and you can't think of Vancouver street photography without thinking of Fred Herzog.  I would love to do some recreations (re-invent) of some of Herzog's images - examining change in Vancouver since Fred's original work, and also looking at Fred's process of making these photos.  Ideally, it would be cool if Fred could be involved somehow.   (I actually met Herzog on the street one day and we walked a few blocks and took photos - maybe we could do something like that again.)


I've been living at on Alexander St. in Gastown for 7 years and have a pretty unique view of downtown Vancouver.  I've shot hundred of photos from the same spot on my balcony.  I've always wanted to do a compilation video of the best. Pretty simple idea, but to me it's a great example of perspective, and how something that seems the same can change dramatically from day to day.  It'd be cool to hook up with a talented editor or visual artist and somehow stitch these together in an interesting way.   Maybe add some local music, and I think it'd be interesting piece.     


I'd love to do a piece following someone as they prepare and perform for an open mic night at a local bar.  Stakes are high, lots of nerves - something so many people aspire to do.  Watch as someone transforms from shower singer to rock star... 


I've done 6 voyages to Antarctica with an expedition company (based in Squamish) in the last couple years. Thousands of images and a fair bit of video that I've not used for anything yet. It's a pretty high-end trip, hot tub, nice bar, pretty comfortable for the most part, but still a pretty remote and challenging location. I always found myself thinking 'What would Shackleton think if he knew this was how easy it would be to get to Antarctica just 100 years later.'  I was thinking it would be interesting to combine some of Shackleton's words from his journals with some of the current day images.  It's also a Canadian company with a lot of Canadian staff.  Basically, I've got a literal boatload pretty stunning imagery, that needs be used for something cool.  Open to ideas on this one...